Harassment claims are bad for business. They hurt productivity and morale, can make it harder to retain qualified employees, and can damage your organization's reputation through negative media coverage. Further, it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation fees, settlements, judgments, and punitive damage awards.

The purpose of this training is to raise awareness on how to recognize and report potential harassment early and teach employees their role in creating a harassment free workplace.

Our sexual harassment training includes the following basic modules:

• Overview of the Law. – What are the elements of sexual harassment?
• Responsibilities. What are the responsibilities of employees and management as it relates to sexual harassment?
• Reporting Sexual Harassment. This is tailored to your organization’s process for reporting and processing allegations of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination.
• Case Studies. We present a variety of scenarios, tailored to your specific work environment, that illustrates conduct that ranges from not serious to egregious. The instructor engages participants in a discussion of whether the conduct could be considered sexual harassment and how to handle the situation.
• Prevention Strategies. What can an organization put in place to prevent inappropriate conduct?